The Benefits Of Mediation In Family Law

When you think about a divorce lawyer, you may think about contentious arguments in court that end really well for one party and really poorly for the other. But this just isn’t the case anymore.

Cole Family Law prioritizes mediation and other alternatives to litigation, so we can reach a more amicable and effective divorce agreement. While you may think you want to jump straight to trial, this may not be the case. Consider these five benefits of mediation when it comes to family law:

  • It puts the decisions in your hands. When you take your case to court, you leave the outcome in the hands of a Michigan family court judge. While they make every effort to fully understand you and your family, they still may not make the best decision for your situation. Mediation puts your destiny in your own hands, allowing you to work toward an agreement that truly looks out for the best interests of the child.
  • You avoid trial and the costs of litigation. Litigation costs more money, plain and simple. When you are already arguing over who gets what assets and who will pay child or spousal support, going to trial may not be worth it from a financial standpoint.
  • Amicable solutions are usually best for your child. Litigation is often contentious, and may leave both parties angry at one another for a lifetime. Agreements made through mediation often leave both sides happier, and can foster a co-parenting environment that is better for your child’s growth and development (and better for you).
  • You can explore more creative solutions. Family court judges will often stick within a certain framework when making decisions on your divorce. If you want to include more creative custody and parenting terms, which may better meet your goals, it is best to explore these options through mediation.
  • It takes less time. Mediation is simpler, and more efficient, than litigation. Going to trial extends the amount of time you spend on your divorce, during a time when you just want to move on with your life.

Mediation, when done right, is almost always the best solution for you and your family. We understand you may have reservations when it comes to compromising the other party, but rest assured that we will fight vigorously for what matters most to you — working toward an agreement that is better for everyone.

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