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Michigan Child Support FAQs

If you are facing a concern related to child support, it affects your children’s well-being, which makes it of primary importance. If this is your situation, you almost certainly have pressing questions, and the answers to those asked most frequently by others in your position can help. One of the wisest moves you can make in the face of a child support case is securing the skilled legal guidance of an experienced Michigan child support attorney early on. 

Who pays child support in Michigan?

Child support in Michigan is calculated in accordance with state policy, which takes a range of factors into consideration. The primary concerns, however, include each parent’s income and the amount of parenting time each parent is awarded. Parents can generally expect the higher earner to have the child support obligation.

If my ex fails to pay child support, can I withhold visitation?

No, child custody and child support are two distinct matters, and both are designed to support the best interests of the involved children. Because the state begins with the presumption that children are best served when they have strong bonds with both parents, visitation cannot be used as a tool to force compliance with child support. If your ex isn’t paying court-ordered child support, it’s time to address the matter with the court. 

When are child support modifications considered?

Parents can have their child support terms reviewed every 33 months in the State of Wisconsin. Further, if there has been a significant change of circumstances in relation to any of the following, the court will consider modifying the current child support order:

  • The payor experienced a significant financial downturn or a significant increase in earnings
  • The earnings of the recipient increased 
  • One of the children’s needs increased significantly, such as in relation to an illness or injury

The remarriage of either parent doesn’t affect the child support obligation in Michigan.

What if my ex and I are in agreement regarding a child support modification?

If you and your ex have come to a mutually acceptable resolution regarding the need for a child support modification, you should consider yourselves ahead of the game, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need to address the matter with the court. As long as the modification in question continues to support your children’s best interest, the court will almost certainly allow it. If, however, you fail to resolve the matter with the court, your original child support orders will remain legally binding, which can be a serious problem if your ex changes their mind.

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